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Episode 15 - How Service Trusts Really Work (30/04/18)

Episode 14 - Understanding your Balance Sheet (23/03/18)

Episode 13 - Understanding your Profit & Loss Statement (08/03/18)

Episode 12 - The Importance of Bookkeeping (16/02/18)

Episode 11- BAS & the PAYGI System (02/02/18)

Episode 10 - Superannuation Changes (15/12/17)

Episode 9 - New Dental Graduates (01/12/17)

Episode 8 - Negative Gearing (17/11/17)

Episode 7 - Corporate Structures (03/11/17)

Episode 6 - GST on Dental Services (20/10/17)

Episode 5 - 2017 Federal Budget (06/10/17)

Episode 4 - Motor Vehicle Deductions (22/09/17)

Episode 3 - Victorian State Budget (08/09/17)

Episode 2 - $20,000 Asset Write Off (25/08/17)

Episode 1 - Dental Contractor Payments (11/08/17)

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Behind the scenes – first day of production

Albert - 06/07/17